• 3ft Mini-RCA

3ft Mini-RCA


Here's an easy way to hook up iPods, laptop computers, or other portable devices to existing home theater or sound systems. Say you want to play Pandora or your iTunes library but you have an older receiver or amp. There is a simple way and it comes in the form of an adapter cable with two RCA stereo connections and one 3.5mm connector. Simply connect the RCA inputs to the standard right and left RCA inputs on your amplifier or receiver. Connect the 3.5mm input to your iPod, computer, etc. The input is typically listed as Audio, AUX or Headphone. It's that easy!

Advanced engineering methods and the highest-quality materials reduce noise and interference and deliver cleaner, natural, more accurate sound from your components.
3ft Mini-RCA


  • An easy way to connect your iPod, laptop, etc., to your existing sound system!
  • 14 gauge Audio Cable
  • Connectors - 24K Gold RCA
  • Provides protection from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference
  • Isolates noise with 100-coverage aluminum and mylar foil shield